Israel adventure

Israel tours can be viewed as religious pilgrimages, as historic and archaeological wonders, and as hikes into the heart of natural wonders. But all these can be combined into amazing Israel adventure tours that provide a unique way of delving deeper into the multifaceted culture of the country, take a look

Israel adventure tours for families include planned and organized visits to historical and religious sites from Jerusalem to Masada; insightful tours through the heart of Tel Aviv – a testament to modern day Israel; walks through nature parks and hikes through archaeological sites and underground caves – giving in to our inner child with the thrill of daring adventure sports. Pick fresh fruit from the abundant orchards, experience Bedouin life in the heart of the Negev desert, swim in the Sea of Galilee  climb the 2000 year old fortress at Masada and explore the stalactite caves at Netifim.

For a small country, Israel boasts an amazing geographical diversity – mountain ranges and canyons, lush green plains and wide arid deserts, rivers that ripple to the shores of three great seas – the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the famous Dead Sea. Israel tours incorporate the best of this diversity and provide world travelers with an unforgettable experience.

Israel adventure tours include touring the country using various non-conventional yet popular means such as biking, horse back and camel rides, jeeps or ATVs. There is a variety of adventure sports to choose from – hand and para-gliding, river rafting and kayaking, skydiving, scuba diving and water skiing.

For the more daring there is the option of a camel safari through the desert, diving into the depths of the Red Sea, rock climbing, rappelling, thrilling treks through the Israeli wilderness and snow skiing at the other extreme.

Intrinsic to these is the air tour Israel offers to the millions of people who travel here every year. The amazing air tours offer a bird’s eye view of the Old city of Jerusalem, the scenic beauty of the Dead Sea amidst the stark mountains of the Judean Desert, the snowcapped tops of Mt. Hermon, the historic façade of the Masada fortress, the history of nazareth tour and the deep craters of the Negev desert. Through the air tour Israel is presented exactly as it is – a multi-faceted and dynamic land of historical and natural beauty. It will take your Israel adventure experience to another level when you view the fabled Sea of Galilee and the magnificent Mediterranean shores adorning the land with their age old charm and richness.